Eric Lorentz

The Up Shot Advisor

Eric Lorentz has been a senior banker whose ambition has always been to bridge people, their needs and their aspirations. His experience is both global and deep, with over 30 years in emerging markets banking across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.  His career has been mostly in business development and has covered forex trading, risk management, investment banking and wealth management, and he was Barclays Wealth’s Deputy Head of International Private Banking.

Mr. Lorentz has also had a long association with Global Counsel, the London firm founded by Peter, the Lord Mandelson, ex-European Union Trade Commissioner and UK government minister, and he has remained active in capital raising for institutional real estate across the US and Europe. 

Mr. Lorentz’ passion for bringing business, concepts and communities together has led him to know 6 languages and, more recently, to obtain a degree in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association in London.  His personal association with Latin America is decades old.  “Latin America is a region of remarkable historical and human wealth, one that is too large to ignore yet often too hard to comprehend.  Investors need access to on-the-ground unbiased information and key actors while, locally, business must understand the constraints investors operate within so as to help meeting them.  It takes two to tango, and my ambition is to help The Up Shot foster mutually beneficial relationships.”