About Us

The Up Shot is:

The Up Shot  is a media platform of videos devoted exclusively to investing in Argentina.

The website is to help investors interested in Argentina find opportunities – and the people creating those potential assets – with no obligation.

The Up Shot helps creators of Argentine assets (from startups to manufacturing) broadcast – at zero cost – to international investors, in English.

At the heart is to bring high impact projects – from the margins of the famous “ecosystem” – to international investors, and to use the video selection process – by curating & incubating – to also help educate and prune promising assets to grow and help the bien común, common good.

Also, fundamental Argentine taxation and corporation-creation information is to be examined.

Incidentally, the term upshot has been said to come from skinning-to-the-bone, or simple, variously in Aramaic and/or Hebrew. Many on-line dictionaries reference, mistakenly it seems, to the sport archery.

The Up Shot cannot be considered a sole source for investment analysis. Investment decisions should be made in consultation with professionals employed in the fields of investing, taxation and the like, perhaps in tandem with what is learned in the interviews. The views expressed in the videos are solely the opinions of the participants, and not those of The Up Shot.

Selection of participants and investment opportunities do not represent an offer to invest, nor the sale of any securities, nor a recommendation of any kind.

Although occasionally participants in videos may have a financial position in investment opportunities shown, the web vehicle – The Up Shot – strictly does not select participants on the basis of financial renumeration for The Up Shot – whatsoever – and no commissions are paid for interviews selected.